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We Work Towards The Future

Who are we

Mojoo Ltd, started in october 2000, our aim is to provide a high quality personal I.T support service with down to earth pricing, We have a simple straight forward outlook and always try to cut the jargon out of I.T support,

We have many many happy customers some of whom have been using Mojoo I.T services since we first started, we give the same high level service to all our customers not matter if your a first time user of Mojoo or an existing customer of Mojoo, We used to run a retail shop in 13 Carters Green but had to give it up because of family priorities, we now offers a callout service, a collect and return service or you can make a appointment to drop off your laptop or PC to us, some customers choose to ship their hardware to us and we also offer a remote support service starting from £25, Since we closed the retail site we can now concentrate more on the services we provide and offer more flexibility in how we interact with our customers, appointments can be made from 8am till 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am till 1pm Saturday, we do work out side the prescribed hours for those critical jobs that cannot be done while computers are in use.

Over the last decade I.T services industry has changed a lot, even in West Bromwich there is no serious business that caters for laptop and personal computer repairs except for Mojoo, we have also been trading for the longest period in the West Bromwich which is thanks to our many loyal customers, by far the majority of our customers get recommended to us and we always do our utmost to carry out a professional service using only the best components, most of the new parts we supply and fit come with a 12 months warranty, New DC jacks and screen repairs have a 6 months warranty, Custom built computers have 12 Months warranty

Forwards Towards New Horizons

Our future goals are:

after getting our fingers burned and having a hole left in our pockets by various web design companies and individuals we have decided to learn web design and development, This stage of our journey has already started and we have already put that into practice with our own website, let us know what you think and any feedback or suggestions are appreciated, please bear in mind this is a work in progress, if you feel like you would like to get involved for your own education drop me a email and if we can help i will, learning never stops and anyone who thinks they know everything has actually learned nothing,

Youtube channel is another project we want to get off the ground, again if your think you have some input please drop us an email

eBay site will also be up and running soon, once i figured out how it works lol

over and out for now

Mojoo also provide low power computers that use about 10% of the power of a average PC, theses computer are ideal for office, industrial and school environments, contact mojo if you want to save money on your electricity and if you want to do your bit to save the environment, consider recycling your old PC instead of putting it into landfill call Mojoo first and let us dispose of it safely and correctly, we can even collect it from you and backup or destroy any data for you, you will also get written confirmation once data has been destroyed for your peace of mind, contact us now to discuss you requirements

Local collect, repair and return service
Laptop repairs and upgrades
Desktop PC repairs and upgrades
Operating system reinstall including Linux, OSX and Windows
High priority service available for those urgent can't wait jobs (does cost more)
Virus, malware and spyware cleanup and protection
DATA Recovery from HDD, SSD, SD memory cards, USB flash drives
Internet fault finding and diagnostics

Computer problems, the first step is contact us

Why not use the contact us page and give us a try, you have nothing to loose by getting a quote or getting a second opinion

DC jacks repaired, usually repaired the same day (subject to availability of parts), DC jack repair on average costs between £25 and £80 depending on complexity of repair, use the contact form or the chat bot at the bottom right corner to send us your model number for quote

DATA Recovery service we provide is excellent value for money, those priceless family photos on your broken laptop we can transfer to your new one, average DATA recovery cost between £25 and £120, Hardware failure costs a lot more so contact us for a estimate

you cannot simply go back in time to take family pictures again so protect them by backing them up, does it not make more sense to keep one or two backups, cloud storage seems to be all the rage these days but how safe is it really if its so safe how come we hear about hacks all the time, its much better to have your own private cloud backup on your own premises, we can also set up offsite backups that keep themselves synced with each other then you have the ultimate backup solution, contact us to discuss your backup requirements and request a free quote

Dust inside your laptop or PC will cause your equipment to overheat, it will shorten the life of your computer and it will make it run slow and eventually your computer will start to freeze up or blue screen or randomly switch off or reboot, having your computer serviced annually is a small price to pay for happy computing and will save you money and reduce downtime in the long term, much better get a service than spend £400+ on a new computer