Sony PS4 HDMI socket repair

Sony PS4 HDMI socket repair varies widely. Some places charge up to £120, Mojoo charges £59 (parts, labor and return shipping) or if customers bring your PS4 to us we charge £49.

Just be very careful with where you take it or send it. I get consoles in here all the time where someone has already tried to fix it and hasn’t been able too…just today I had to fix one where someone asked a friend to do it and somehow managed to destroy 7 of the solder pads, Once copper solder pads have lifted off the substrate, there’s usually no way to get them back on.

Sometimes its possible to carefully try to scratch off some of the solder mask on top of the traces leading to the missing pads. Once the copper traces are exposed, you should be able to either solder in a short shim wire or blob enough solder to connect the trace with the corresponding pad.

If you have a multimeter, you can use its continuity tester function to check the repair and make sure your solder joints are working. Depending on how much of the solder joints are exposed, you may want to add something that will insulate them from other exposed pads to avoid a short.

Sony PS4 HDMI socket repair that has already has already been attempted it is time consuming to clean and fix any user caused damage so obviously would cost more than the normal repair charge, but working carefully and methodically it should be fixable!

Anyhow, the point is that it’s a difficult repair unless you have a good amount of electronics repair experience, so just make sure that the person who fixes it knows what they’re doing.

When a Sony PS4 HDMI socket is repaired by Mojoo the HDMI socket that we fit is a much better design then the original that is prone to getting damaged easily

Sony PS4 HDMI socket repair
Sony PS4 HDMI socket repair


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