DC jacks repaired, usually repaired the same day (subject to availability of parts), DC jack repair on average costs between £25 and £80 depending on complexity of repair, use the contact form or the chat bot at the bottom right corner to send us your model number for quote

DATA Recovery service we provide is excellent value for money, those priceless family photos on your broken laptop we can transfer to your new one, average DATA recovery cost between £25 and £120, Hardware failure costs a lot more so contact us for a estimate

Dust inside your laptop or PC will cause your equipment to overheat, it will shorten the life of your computer and it will make it run slow and eventually your computer will start to freeze up or blue screen or randomly switch off or reboot, having your computer serviced annually is a small price to pay for happy computing and will save you money and reduce downtime in the long term, much better get a service than spend £400+ on a new computer

Laptop Screen Repairs
Laptop screens are quite easy to break, the thinner ones especially do not take much pressure to damage, Mojoo have in stock many different screens from 7″ netbook screens to 17.1″ gaming laptop screens, Mojoo also have a lot of tested used screens for old laptops, Mojoo mostly use Samsung or LG screens because we believe them to be the highest quality replacements for damaged screens. Repairs using brand new screens carry a 6 months parts warranty, Repairs using brand tested used screens carry a 3 months parts warranty

Screen replacements are also same day depending on availability of parts

Please contact us by phone or email us from our contact us page, for urgent repairs always phone us or use chat bot in the bottom right corner of the page

When the screen does not display or flickers i can be a damaged LED cable or loose connection into either the screen or the mainboard, so bear that in mind if the screen isn’t cracked

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